Data Recovery



PC Repair House has recovered a lot data over the years for a variety of customers and as a result we like to think we are pretty good at it!

We understand that customers need their important data recovered promptly and at a cost that doesn't break the bank.

We offer two main types of recovery; Basic and Advanced.

Basic recovery covers less complex issues such as accidental deletion, drive formatting or software problems, that prevent data being accessible.  Generally we can get results quickly and at reasonable cost.

Advanced recovery generally refers to a drive that has suffered physical damaged and is no longer readable in the Windows or Mac environment.  These issues mean that data can take days and even weeks to recover and as such the cost attached is much higher.

Finally, in the unlikely event that we cannot perform a successful data recovery, we do work with third parties who, for a price, can nearly always deliver your data.  

Pop in and see us for your drive recovery today!


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